Circumstances matter.

When I wrote this page, pretty much no one understood the "RESIST" hoodie I wore around, and if they were curious, they asked. Now everyone thinks they know what it means and don't bother to ask, but it doesn't mean what they think it means.

My resistance attire (which I've been wearing since 2015) and this page (written sometime in mid-2016, back when it was the Trump supporters talking about a resistance movement) refer to a game, not a reaction to the current US administration.

I also have a cat hat given to me by a girl at a Gangstagrass show in the Netherlands in 2016. It does not mean the things 2017 pussy hats mean.

When Barbara Lee used the term "resistance movement" minutes after Trump was predicted the winner.....

Nevermind. Eventually, maybe, politics. But not yet. Instead, other games.

{Pokemon GO? RESIST! It's waaaaay too disturbing.}

{Trump or Clinton? RESIST! Both choices are entirely unpalatable.}


Greetings, agents!

Resistance agent @Sleevs here.

Glyph hacking...please stand by...

Glyph hacking in Prospect Park.

In Prospect Park, Brooklyn, as part of the first-ever official walk-on team at an Ingress anomaly. And it was so great! Go team! (#AegisNovaBrooklyn | May 2016 | Photo credit: Ingress Report)

#Brooklyn #AegisNova Walk-Ons in #IngressReport

A contemporary journalist & a former journalist

just us girls

(#AegisNovaBrooklyn | May 2016 | Photo credit: Susanna Moyer)

Why Resistance?

I'm HIGHLY SKEPTICAL of mysterious alien beings who purport to bring "enlightenment" to humanity. If Ingress's Enlightened vs. Resistance choice were a real-life choice with real-world consequences beyond our Ingress community, even though I love frogs and the color green, I'd still choose Resistance.

Science fiction also provides good guidance here.

Like Picard vs. Q, I believe in and stand up for humanity -- yes, even with all our flaws.

Like Doctor Who, I suspect that "shapers" don't really have humanity's best interests at heart ... or whatever their equivalent organ is. That's one of many things we don't know about these "shapers" -- we do know they give some people the warmfuzzies, and that's suspicious. The cybermen did that, too.

Even though I am on the blue team, I play as though I'm on the #IngressBlackTeam -- that is, no links, no fields, not ever.

"But Sleevs," my fellow agents protest, "linking and fielding is the most fun part of Ingress!"

Irrelevant. I don't believe in mind control -- by anyone. I believe in autonomy, in humanity creating its own destiny. I won't help some megalomaniacal artificial intelligence (I'm looking at you, ADA) by creating mind-control fields, and I certainly wouldn't help alien encroachers control human minds.

Usually I don't even completely fill out all 8 reso slots on portals because that just make it easier for other players to link to them and create fields from afar.

I do give keys to other Resistance agents for their own linking and fielding, yes, and when I take agents I've recruited out to level up, I teach them linking and fielding. This is, admittedly, a slight logical inconsistency.

Were I to take my position to its logical extreme, I'd not only recycle all keys I'm not using for recharging, I'd also jarvis Resistance-held portals that have mind control fields coming off them. But I don't go that far. (If I ever hit level 16, which would be very difficult given my zero-fielding policy, I might start taking out Res fields, too.)

If there's going to be mind-control, I'd rather it be by the Resistance -- by the forces fighting for humanity -- not by an alien soft-invasion force and their minions.

As for me, though, I don't make links, and I won't make links. That means more AP & MUs for you, fellow Resistance agents!

More TK over time. For now, just a little photo album.

First-Ever Walk-On Team

We Are The Walk-Ons!

(#AegisNovaBrooklyn | May 2016 | Photo credit: Gabi, if I'm remembering correctly)


Walk-On Team Leadership

with the shepherds

(#AegisNovaBrooklyn | May 2016 | Photo credit: Sleevs)

Our shepherds.

Walking While Glyph Hacking Can Be Hazardous

Walk - hack - smack

(#AegisNovaBrooklyn | May 2016 | Photo credit: Sleevs)

True fact: I ran face-first into a street sign a few minutes after this photo was taken. Yes, I was eyes-down glyph hacking. Yes, I successfully completed the hack. Yes, I got a wicked bruise.


anomaly joy

(May 2016)

Anomaly joy!

Ingress Tour

Old Town Ingressing

^A cool chick named Jessica bought these American-flag sleevs right off my arms.^

(#DMVresistance | 9 July 2016 | Photo credit: Theresa)

With Resistance agents after a most enlightening historical tour by agent @LastCavalier of the portals of the Old Town Alexandria waterfront.

More glyphing...

Hacking a portal.

(January 2016 | Photo credit: my dad!)