What are sleevs?
We miss you, old bookstore.

Sleevs are items of clothing -- integral components of my standard daily attire -- that cover the arm, generally from just below the shoulder to the wrist.

"Sleevs" are just what I call them. (I dropped the extra "e" because, like traditional attached sleeves, it strikes me as a little archaic and unnecessary.)

Friends have dubbed them emsleeves and Armilies. Some say "armwarmers"; to my mind, armwarmers are thicker and not as long as sleevs.

But the terminology doesn't really matter.

We're talking about interchangeable, stand-alone, full-length (or at least 3/4-length) sleeves; they are not physically attached to each other nor to any other garment.

Change the sleevs = change the whole look.

How delightful to have that option!

Same dress, different sleevs, 5+ years earlier

Photo credit: Unonu Arts (April 2010)

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Generosity Is Sexy!

Love my sleevs. I have a whole big drawer stuffed with swish sleevs.

The collection has grown over the past decade of wearing sleevs -- or at least carrying a pair with me -- just about every day. On the rare days I forget them, I am reminded why I prefer to have them with me:

  • They keep me warm in the cold.

  • When I get too hot, they're easy to take off. And when I get chilly again, they slip right back on.

  • I can wear my cool t-shirts

    It's a trap!

    (such as this one)

    no matter what the weather, because they're instantly long-sleeve shirts if I want them to be, and with no extra layer under the arms. (Hooray for airy underarms!)

And other reasons.

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